about me

- based in Barcelona.
- was named after a
jazz song.
- surname is a typewriter brand.
- like creating visual materials.

things that inspire me:

- music
- nature
- people
- public space
- childhood
- culture
- diversity

in 2009 I started studying film & media at EMAV School.
(that's where I fell in love with typography)

in 2011 I started studying graphic design at Elisava School.

I joined an inter-university design collective in which we made installations and ran workshops for other students.

in 2014 I did a year abroad at Winchester School of Arts.

this took me from a big city to a small town surrounded by nature, where I learnt screenprinting and letterpress techinques.

in 2015, after graduating in Visual Communication, along with seven other friends we co-founded Col·lec Studio, turning the student collective into our first graduate job.

at Col·lec Studio we worked in a multi-disciplinary process, where was in charge of media & visuals and the studio's communication.

in 2018 the studio closed so that we could all move onto other projects and places.

in 2019 I joined the experimental theatre lab Malnascuts.

Malnascuts uses a collaborative method to create a play or performance during 9 months. It is open to people from different backgrounds and ages.

then I took a break from design and started teaching English to young learners. this made me realise my interest in education.

currently I'm travelling and thinking what my next steps will be.