audiovisual productions

design beyond technology

videocase filmed and edited for a series of conferences held in Barcelona by ADI-FAD, featuring worldwide speakers on the topics of design and technology. 

visuals for a play done with the company MALNASCUTS.PRT.

it stands between fiction and documentary about the town El Prat de Llobregat, and the projections were done half in real time during the show.

my artificial muse

visuals for this performance done by the artist Albert Barqué-Duran, about A.I. in comparison to a human's artistic capacties. 

Ada Colau in da house

animation for an extra-official video made in support of the mayor of Barcelona.

promotional video for an E.Sports team

a piece of london

a moving postcard of London, recorded during the Christmas holidays with my family.

la regla no es tabú

campaign by the collective BRAVAS, which seeks to make menstruation a topic that can be talked about openly.

Paraísos Artificiales

video-essay about how technology can consume humans, using the book by Charles Baudelaire 'Artificial Paradises' as a comparison to drug use and the effects it has on human behaviour. 

the story of Higinia

making of an urban art installation by Col·lec Studio at Festival Ús, Barcelona. 

the installation wanted to transform the place and at the same time convey part of the history of that spot, as told in the video through the interaction with the neighbours and the people who participated.

Light Up! teaser

promotional video for a workshop by Col·lec Studio